install MplapX

Mplabx is a program of the company microchip for debugging and simulation programs microchip company creation.

There are different tools to perform these tasks such as the ICD2, for example ICD3 or PICkit 2 to PICkit 3.

Or we can simply create a binary file, simulate and then program it by other means with other programmers.

The steps are:
1) Download file from:

This file has a size of 334 Mb, so it is better to lower it under /mnt/home .

2) When finished down to give privileges:

chmod 777

3) Install it from the terminal by:


We get a window that asks you to default directory and want to install it by default is:

/opt/MPLAB .

Change it to /mnt/home/ . I install in /mnt/home

I’m working with a frugal installation puppy, if I chose default installation /opt/would break my pupsave and memory would fill completely leaving the locked PC.

4) The next step is to simply push forward Forward” to the end ..

If we create a project in assembler, we can not compile the “make” command does not work if the corresponding devxx have not installed the Devx-slacko5.60 in my case in other distro.

devxx If the program is not installed will not be able to build (built) the asm file.

We can see in C compilers for MplabX in:

To learn Mplabx have good tutorials on youtube as well as in multiple sites, or microchip forum.

One problem, which is no problem as such is that from the main program MplabX can not program a microcontroller without creating a project previously.

This is if we have a hex file and want to program from this application without creating project we can not, the form of doing this is through another program we installed also in the application of MplabX is Mplab_IPE.

At open it presents us a screen but if we go to the menu bar to “Settingsand choose from the drop Advanced Mode we request one pasword than as told below the input is default “microchipand enters us on another screen that gives us more options and is allowing us to schedule any microcontroller with the developer to have.

I use the programmer and microchip development tool and if the ICD3 automatically detects connected me.

 If then choose the microcontroller board that is connected to it makes me a review of everything and tell me if everything is correct to schedule.Here the screen from doing programming I leave:


Regards we are.




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