Objectives of this blog

Well this blog is your goal as said before is to create an operating system solely dedicated to electronic, focused only on that.
In this case I use a very minimalist Linux distribution but in turn very versatile, very fast run by the computer’s RAM.
This version of Linux that as we shall see is very easy to use and install, being able to be installed in multiple ways, I has used in his frugal manner, ie it will not be a complete installation, because as we will see later this creates a greater versatility.

Puppy Linux is a version that can be installed on a flash drive in a matter of 15 minutes, however in this blog will be equally useful but do not wish to use the distribution Puppy Linux, you will find helpful information for any Linux perfectly valid and for each of programs that are detailed later.

As we will see with this operating system we use countless programs with high performance electronics for such things as both microcontrollers, designs, PCB, RF, diagrams, and etc …
We’ll see a way to settle the programs that makes countless programs can run with all the possibilities that gives us speed Puppy and others.
Well do not worry I will do a very simple tutorial for everyone who wants to install Puppy and start working with.
The distribution I use myself for Slacko Puppy Puppy is 5.6 and already this study to have maximum compatibility for all electronic program, but can also be other distros Puppy, Debian etc …

Well welcome and hopefully useful this distro and will be open to any idea or suggestion and participation … so here we are.

Greetings and see you.


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