Control of mobile through Bluetooth_2

Well let’s give an example of how to transmit a file from PC to mobile, so we must type the command:

# obexftp -b 70:XX:XX:XX:32:78 –channel 5 -p /mnt/home/2.jpg

If you notice what the command is sent obexftp 2.jpg file that is hosted within Home, and giving the MAC from my mobile and THROUGH the channel 5, this is the channel for transmission FTP “Service Name: OBEX FileTransfer we saw when we type the command:

# sdptool browse 70:XX:XX:XX:32:78

You thou must look very well what is your channel for this service to inserting it.
If all goes well you will see that it takes quite a while, depending on the size of the file, and a stick of slanted text terminal does not stop spinning.

When finished put the transmission Done.
You go to your phone and images comprobais if this new image that ye sent.
If you send it as an audio file where you stored Yep Audio files and so on.

When sending files not to short file names and easy. because this has soured me my life because sometimes did not know why not send either the file.
Since the error message returned is not descriptive.

Well the comnunicaciones by bluetooth are not very stable, keep in mind that it is a subject to interference, estrangement, and well a whole lot more band.
So it is not strange that sometimes we have to restart the bluetooth, but this happens in Linux and Windows too, depends on how we do this work software we can become more or less heavy.
Generally right in the beginning or every time you reboot do:

# killall -9 bluetoothd

and then:

# bluetoothd

Often this will be enough, and sometimes disconnecting and reconnecting the USB bluetooth module prior to these commands.
Sometimes if it gets too heavy verify that this bound and

#bt-device –list   to see that this bound.

We dissociate it by:

# bt-device -r 70:XX:XX:XX:32:78

Repeat the above process

# killall -9 bluetoothd



And then again:

 # bt-device –connect 70:XX:XX:XX:32:78

And it is expected that the bluetooth enter reason and can communicate well.

But other times and also occurs with Windows USB mouth closes for that circuit, and well switched to another mouth, or restart the computer.
Good causes and are can be multiple patience and a good beer is recommended and take things easy
Well not saying that we can build script that make us the most enjoyable tasks in all previous process.
# obexpushd -b 5 -d
We are saying this while waiting for whatever comes through the channel 5 bluethood.

-d is to activate the messages they come out.
The command waits and when we from the mobile terminal sent to the connection that we have matched
of puppy in my case puppypc16209-0

Note that if we left this command with CTRL + C
We can rerun the command obexpushd but if we go by:


we can not reuse it to stay running and underground.

The only way to do this is killing the process bluetoothd” by:

killall -9 bluetoothd

or by:

kill PID number_process bluetoothd

And then as we rerun the command obexpushd.
It goes without saying that anyone with experience in this field are invited to expose here, as this subject is immense and would have lots of things to say ..

See a greeting.





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