Electron microscope with webcam

Here we see that we can build ourselves the necessary circuits to work with tools or other things, here an electronic microscope shows echo with a webcam

With a few plates and a support rod can make an electronic microscope after adding some lenses can make us ampifiquen the image to the right size we want.

Here I show an lete that I got at a garage sale methacrylate is that I added to a support so that she could adjust to the webcam.

Well as seen is a simple lens and the image above looks like adapts to the webcam.

This single lens gives us a good increase of almost according x11 can be seen in the image.

The rule is measuring 11 centimeter, about an centimeter of an image of the rule previously captured by the webcam.

Well now if we put another lens, in this case the lens taken from a surveillance camera that had marred the dome, but also serves the lens that comes with the cylindrical support of another webcam, well, if we take this small goal and mounted on a stand as seen in the two images.

Well in this case we will see the pin has an integrated 250-pin. The size of each leg has a width of 0.16 mm, for good if we see this type of lens you see is what you can see in the picture.

Well as we see the leg we are presented with a width of 2 cm this means that would have an increase of 20 mm / 0.16 mm = 125 increases.That may seem small for microscopes that are sold cheaper than in the market, but simply those that advertise 100x magnification 200x or 1000x are simply lying.

In the photo image that pin is is really bad but this is due to the photo of the camera that is rather focused on the rule to look good size, but the picture is very good, although a little difficult to focus because any small vibration in the support blurs the image, and we do well to adjust the mechanical part, for focusing mechanisms are smooth and precise. I Use a screw to be focusing the image as shown in the first image of this post, but I have to improve everything this method.
The truth is that the image is too good and you can see tiny dust particles between pins and other sites, scratching and holes in one leg of 0.16 mm, also in some integrated fungi and other things are seen, what which I find interesting.One advantage of this electronic type is obvious and we can take photos and even video samples in the operating system Puppy is a Pavrecord application that serves very well for this purpose


Well say that my camera is a Logitech C270 webcam, this camera can record in HD, bone 720 which is very interesting because you can take great pictures of great quality, and although not imprescible have a good camera too good as always is more pleasant to appreciate things more accurately.
This lens increase both for normal applications of electronics has not much use would be of more use the previous lens.Well I hope you find it interesting .. see you.



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