Well Kicad is an excellent creator of schemes and PCBs that can be used in Linux and comes a infinity of libraries and still can be added many more.




3D visualization


3D visualization

As I use a frugal install of Puppy and as already remarked, it is advisable not get very large programs hang from directories such as /usr, /root  that would carry the memory of your computer.
Good to install this new package kicad have to do the following:
1) We got the program:

And installed it, with this we have installed the program but this comes without any libraries.
We now proceed with the libraries. for that we got the file kicad.tar.gz

This unzip files within Home this is /mnt/home  home to decompress within avoid that this library that once decompressed occupies as 547 Mb, This way the file is loaded on the hard drive and not on memory.
And therefore the program will take up little space program.
The idea is that eventually the libraries are inside the /mnt/home/kicad
Once done this all is done.
The program has Kicad input menu in Menu> Utility> Kicad.
Open the progam and what you have to do is tell the program where the libraries that the change are not in the site that come by default.
To see how it’s done I miss a video, because a picture is worth a thousand words.
The video is not great you so you can download it from here:
kicad_load_library.mp4 6 Mb

Well the creation of this pet has been very difficult but worth it, as you will see which install vera as well as load the libraries and the modeling of the components works great as seen in the video.
I created the first PCB and later‘ll post some pictures of it.
If someone install it and try it I hope to comment on how it works.

I‘ll post more information about kicad soon.





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