Good show here that this tool can be very interesting to be built, each can improvise and constructed in a way that best suits you, and you have more materials at hand.

I have to give a better finish and when I do I’ll post the picture here last, but anyway I this being very useful for the convenience of seeing small things and having a pair of hands that hold me to weld PCBs and components more comfortably.

This is the final image as left but I will put all processes.

It remains to give the ultimate finish.

The important thing for me was getting a good magnifying glass, in this case it was a magnifying glass had out there but I think it has 2x magnification and a half.

After PVC pipe manufactured pieces to make a stand for this magnifier with PVC drains heat, a heat gun, a metal saw we can make any piece of plastic you want and even clumsily I stay in this form:

Two holes are observed to fix the metal bracket that will see later.

This is an aluminum sheet a bit thick, cut it in two and inside the drilled to a slot in each of them so they can pass and move the screws then attaching to the wood.

In the picture is the two already cut and the inner grooves sheets, these slots as I say the hize doing drills and then with a file on the screw sanding aluminum to let them matched and that’s how they were.

In the picture you can already see both cut sheets and folded with their slots so they can move the screws and then to bring the magnifying glass in front and to the rear and to raise and lower.

 A screw which also holds the wire in the end will be a crocodile one arm to help us hold PCB or parts, same for the other crocodile is observed.
Wire can do with the old wire hangers or any other wire is a bit stiff but flexible.
Well in the middle of these two there is another screw to fix the plate to wood for fixing the column on the magnifying glass, and this allows this column can be moved for up front and behind by his guide plate.
Good comment that then as light needed to buy these LED magnifier which are amazing, by coming out as 38 euro cents, and give despite its minuscule size about 100 lumens each strip show here buy:
Well below and a small lead wires and attach it to the magnifying glass at the moment is this:

The LED is soldered to a tiny pcb and this in turn attached to the base with araldite glue in the base of magnifier. The cables are also with Araldite glue, but I put zeal over and then spray paint it all obviously covering the LEDs.
After this strip goes a junction box that is attached to the timber, this box‘s I built also in PVC and inside there outward terminal female connection where the feeder 12 Volts being plugged as these leds are 6 Volts.
Inside this box leaving two circuits two resistors are each 50 ohm so common receiving 12 volts and then each is separately for each of the LEDs above.
The terminal Connection him out of an old modem as well as the feeder.
This is how an LCD insert the MC1602 this is how it would look meaning through the magnifying glass to see.
Well all this is very rudimentary fact, but the truth is that although it has some work at the end worth it for us then avoids a lot more work and makes everything much easier.

Regards we are.


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