Practices electronics.

Good comment that many times when we do an experimental design or practice to see how we can run a circuit or part of a circuit that later we make, as we have several means for mounting the circuit. All depends on the complexity of the circuit that we build ourselves.

First is to send him to manufacture, but hey this to a practice we can be very expensive and still leaves we have to send them the Gerber files, which entails making our schematic and PCB design. Through programs like PCBs Design Kicad, Eeagle, Orcad, Geda, etc

If the circuit is simple good because with plates Protoboar is a good option, but when things start to get complicated and having to put many cables because the truth is that I do not trust anything that any wire has no proper connection.

Then there is the best option of reliability is to design the schematic and PCB with any of the above programs, and build the PCB, with multiple means there is out there and explained in Internet.
As I say this is the best option if we have the expertise to create PCB good quality and reliable, but not without also quite odd job.

If you want to do a quick assembly, and therefore not unreliable, because it can be very reliable if it is welded well and is a very meticulous, is to catch as I do many times a plate pierced with an island or pad of only copper per hole, there is the option of copper lines linking an entire line of holes but then you have to go to electrically separate sectioning have to connect which I dislike.

Then to make very fine wire connections pure use of the hoses of telephone copper, and begin to trace the tracks welding, between component and component soldering everything very well and making welds so that no cold or bad you take.This method may further allow a large volume of large tracks in very little space.Someone may think you do this a lot of work and so, but if you do your plate, you have to design the schematic, the computer will traze tracks and then you sort that are never perfect and has its little job of rearranging, reveal the plate and put it in acid, drill all the holes and vias that can be a good little job this and then finally weld all the component.

And by this method at the end is welded all tracks only, which are the cables. Well here I have some photos of some test plates that had out there.
This insert is a basic trainer with recycled components tod rate, series for communication with the Pic and programming thereof and a bus port recycling output of a PC connection of IDE hard drive.
Some practices made with this manager:


An LCD recycling equipment with connection for a bale of control.
 A inductances and capacitances meter PiC with connection for output LCD.
A control circuit is activated nighttime lighting according to brightness
Four panel displays controlled by the SAA1064
Two plates of small test pushbutton and adaptation 40-pin to 28
Right at this moment I am making this small plate on a transistor Controlled by a microcontroller PWM Mosfet will control an electrolyzer Hydrogen producer to see that such a performance given in the car engine.
Hose of copper telephone finite ideal cablecito to make connections in this type of insert.
Well as you can see, riding this circuit can be nothing expensive and But if we recycle materials we get out there.
Regards we are.

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