Proteus run on puppy through wine

For all lovers of Proteus electronic simulation program that runs on Windows and want to run it in puppy can run it very easily with wine, they have to download the program:

Once I installed it down and nothing more we install a window appears that the only thing we have to do is configure the windows you’re using, in my case Windows XP.


Once you run there are error messages, but the truth is that to me in the most basic is the simulation of microcontrollers has worked well for me, from the page of wine says the modeling of 3D components and other things do not work but says the schematic, PCB and simulation itself.

For me I run the simulation well, but the truth is I have not tried it all very well.

Once install is very simple and therefore we can create a script with the following contents:

wine “/mnt/sda1/Archivos de programa/Labcenter Electronics/Proteus 7 Professional/BIN/ISIS.EXE”
We can create a link to the desktop of this script, keep in mind that to work the link must be open the drive containing Windows because if not obviously did not work in my case I have to be mounted sda1 which is the hard disk where the windows and proteus.

Well I hope will be useful for people, we are a greeting.


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